What Benefits Can You Get From Eating Mushrooms?

Cancer Prevention

Mushrooms are very effective in preventing breast and prostate cancer due to the significant presence of Beta-Glucans and conjugated Linoleic Acid, which both have anti-carcinogenic effects.


Mushrooms are hearty and filling. Preliminary research suggests increasing intake of low-energy-density foods, specifically mushrooms, can be an effective method for reducing daily energy and fat intake while still feeling full after the meal.

Immune Boost

Mushrooms are a good source of chitin and beta-glucan, fibers that lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. Mushrooms contain the essential antioxidant selenium which can strengthen the immune system and protect body cells from damage.

Vitamins & Minerals

Mushrooms are among the only natural food sources of vitamin D and contain germanium, a trace mineral that helps your body use oxygen efficiently and prevents against damaging effects of free radicals. Additionally, mushrooms provide protein, vitamin C and iron.

Have a Mushroom

Reliable Agriculture Company

Reliable Agriculture Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of Reliable Resources Sdn. Bhd. It was incorporated in the year of 2010 together with the technical partner from He Nan, China. We are one of the rapid developing mushroom farmer and supplier in Pahang, Malaysia. With detailed researches of the weather and other resources, we managed to deliver 6 tons of fresh mushroom per month now.

Oyster mushroom is one of the natural, healthy and nutritious foods among all vegetables. We cultivate the best and luxuriant oyster mushroom to serve the market. In order to ensure our products are fresh, healthy and safe for consumption, we have adopted Malaysian Farm Certification Scheme For Good Agricultural Practice (SALM) operation method in farming and is recognised by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia.


We have been fully involved in the planning, developing, cultivation, sales and marketing of the product. Our company offers a variety of the organic gourmet mushrooms for fungi enthusiasts and the highest quality materials for home / commercial cultivation. Our product is comparatively 20% heavier to others in this region. This has lead to better productivity, higher market values and faster return of investment. Our customers are impressed with its extra chewy, sweet and fresh taste.

Raw Materials - Cereals, soil, straw & wood

Media Containers & Packaging Bag

Mushroom Spawn

Mushroom Cultivation Pack

Premium Oyster Mushroom

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